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How to access?

How to access?


Personalized service

SECOND OPINION S.A.S service is managed and administered by a team of health professionals with extensive experience. They oversee the entire process of Second Opinion assistance. We arranged a medical director who will contact you and your doctor about the service and steps to be followed.

Make an application for second opinion is easy. Below is a complete description of how you or your doctor makes a service request of the second opinion.

Once you have made the decision to seek a second opinion to get medical information to our network of specialists is simple. Just follow these four steps:

1. Agree with your doctor (or institution where you are receiving care)

You or your treating physician or the physician you designate may make the request for a second opinion. Tell your doctor that you are affiliated with SECOND OPINION and explain him what is the service about and tell him he can find more information consulting: Ask him to please help you to compile and deliver your complete medical records (including exams and last assessments), as well as pathology slides, images, laboratories results, photographs, videos and everything he believes that could help in the analysis of your case.

Download and print the Clinical History Guide here:

  • If you want to download the guide in DOC format, click
  • If you want to download the guide in PDF format, click

Complete Medical History

Is necessary having a complete medical history of the disease causing the need for a second opinion. Discuss your questions with your doctor and ask him to ask the questions that he/she wishes it to be resolved. The more specific questions, the answers you receive will be more specific. Also, you can discuss these questions with the medical coordinator assigned by SEGUNDA OPINION S.A.S to your case. SEGUNDA OPINION S.A.S has equipment and modern computer software for scanning, encryption and secure transmission of patient medical information, without danger of being viewed by others, or suffer loss in image quality.