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About Second Opinion

General Description of the service

SEGUNDA OPINION S.A.S offers to its members, access to the best and most advanced medicine in the world, through WorldCare Network, which brings together more than 17,000 medical specialists and sub-specialist in the U.S. Through our telemedicine platform, we are able to transmit medical records with all necessary medical information (all kind of exams, X-Rays, CTs, MRI etc.) that can be evaluated in each case by a multidisciplinary team of specialist that have been credited their competence in rendering a second opinion. Our service allows the patient to received specialized medical feedback in coordination with their physician about their condition, without incurring the cost and difficulties that would generate a patient transport out of town or country. A second medical opinion has been considered in the legislation of some countries as a fundamental human right, when the patient is faced with a serious illness or treatment that may endanger his life.


Whic characteristics must have a Second Opinion?


  1. INDEPENDENCY: What it means, it can’t be conditioned to other interest than the patient, meaning that it must be an INDENDENT opinion of the entity that makes and/ or covers the cost of treatment. Similarly, should be independent of pharmaceutical companies interested in promoting their own products.

  2. SUITABILITY: The scientific quality of who provides a second opinion must be proven beyond any doubt, and in many cases must be interdisciplinary, as according to international statistics, more than 50% of the cases analyzed, had required multidisciplinary participation of several specialists.

  3. OPORTUNITY: The provision of this service requires the support of a network of specialists and medical facilities to ensure timely response in a reasonable time. (Not exceeding 10 business days).