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Introduccion seccion Bienestar

Esta seccion contiene informacion util tanto para los profesionales de la salud como para la comunidad en general.
En la parte de arriba de esta pagina encontrara dos pestanas, una de ellas con informacion sobre enfermedades, y recomendaciones de tratamiento y la otra con noticias de avances medicos.


"Lo que deberiamos hacer los que fuimos alguna vez maestros sin antes ser sabios, es pedirles humildemente perdon a nuestros discipulos por el mal que les hicimos."

Hector Abad Gomez


El proposito de esta seccion es orientarlo, de ninguna manera reemplaza a su medico quien es la persona mas indicada para guiarlo en las cuestiones relacionadas con su condicion de salud. Es con el con quien debe analizar cualquier aspecto de su enfermedad o condicion medica o del contenido que encuentre en este sitio web. Si tiene alguna duda con relaciona los contenidos de esta seccion con gusto la atenderemos en nuestro correo electronico This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it o si lo prefiere ingrese a nuestra pagina web a la seccion de "Contactenos" y cuentenos su opinion.
De igual forma si hay algun tema que no hemos incluido aun y desea que se le de prioridad por favor escribanos con sus observaciones.

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Insurance companies

Seguros Bolivar

Sitio Web -

Seguros Bolivar is one of the biggest insurance companies in Colombia.
Since January 1st 2010 Seguros Bolivar included assistance in second opinion in its Life Insurance product. For second opinion services contact the call center 3122122 option 4 in Bogota, from mobile dial #322.



Sitio web -

The “Asociacion mutual la esperanza” ASMET SALUD ESS, is a private organization, non-profit organization recognized by legal status Nº 3393 of November 23 1995, issued by DANCOOP (now DANSOCIAL), enabled by the National Superintendence of Health through resolution Nº 1965 of October 27 2007 to manage the resources of the subsidized health regime. General manager and legal representative is Dr. Gustavo Aguilar.
The general assembly is the supreme authority of the company, takes place once a year and involves delegates from the regions where “ASMET SALUD ESS” is associated. The board, elected at the general assembly for a period of two years, and social control board consists of leaders of the various departments where we have a presence.


We are a company that promotes health through a risk management model for preventive and participatory, contributes to improving health conditions for the population covered.


Being recognized in 2016 as the EPS with the greatest positive impact on the health conditions of the populations affiliated with high standards of quality and financial sustainability.





1. If I have a previous illness (preexisting) I can use the services of SEGUNDA OPINION S.A.S?

Yes, for second opinion services, no matter the pre-existing.


2. What is required to access the services of SEGUNDA OPINION S.A.S?

To access the services required to be insured through a company that offers this benefit such as Bolivar insurance and Coomeva Solidarity Fund.
If you purchased the service must make a request through our website under “Contact us” section in the top left of the screen. One representative of SEGUNDA OPINION S.A.S will contact you within the next few hours.
The site also offers the following links through which you can ask questions or make request:



3. How many times I can request a second opinion?

There is no limit, you can apply as often as you required it, provided that it is a serious disease and has been seen by a specialist and because of what he/she said (diagnosis and treatment to follow) continues with serious doubts.


4. How I can communicate with SEGUNDA OPINION S.A.S?

  • Entering the website under “Contac us”
  • A skype user: segunda_opinion
  • Through the website chat
  • Calling 8051749 in Bogotá


5. When it is useful to a Second Opinion?

A second opinion is useful in a wide range of ailments. It is helpful if the treating doctor or the patient feel that the diagnosis or treatment advice raises questions and/or requires support from a specialist or sub-specialist expertise that can help clarify the situation or support. By way of example below is a list of conditions or diseases in which a second opinion is useful:

  • Any Amputation
  • Any Potentially Deadly Disease
  • Benign Brain Tumor
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Coma
  • Severe burns
  • Organ transplant
  • Severe trauma
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Paralysis
  • Stroke
  • Sudden blindness secondary to illness



6. What additional cost has a second opinion?

The second opinion has no additional costs.


7. How do I get the components of the clinical history to SEGUNDA OPINION S.A.S?

You must send your medical records through any secure mechanism to ensure its integrity. If you have Internet access you can send the documents in this way. If you have difficulties please contact SEGUNDA OPINION S.A.S who will advise you to facilitate shipping.


8. What is WorldCare?

WorldCare is a leading healthcare company and pioneer in the development and marketing of electronic services and global health solutions. Its mission is to improve the health of as many people possible in a timely and affordable by providing access to the best American medical care. This is possible through Second Medical Opinions highly specialized and personalized, which are transmitted electronically.
WorldCare currently operates in 6 countries and to date has performed over 17,000 second opinion studies at the global level.


9. What are the benefits of a Second Opinion?

Benefits of a second opinion are many and significant at a time, both the diagnosis and the recommendation of the treatment plan. The diseases are usually the result of the combination of many factors; also the correct diagnosis of a serious illness can be a complex process that may require a multidisciplinary approach. The slightest error in the interpretation of any component of medical information can lead to misdiagnosis and treatment plan. The treatment of serious diseases also are constantly refining and updating as a result of the latest research and medical innovations. As recognized and experienced specialist and Specialists Hospitals issue our second opinion from the WorldCare Consortium, who are recognized world leaders in the field of medicine. The sub-specialist team that reviews your case may have knowledge to suggest the modification of the treatment plan recommended by your physician. In two separate studies conducted WorldCare has been shown that physicians have changed the initial diagnosis between 15 an 18% of the time, and modification of the treatment plan has ranged between 45 an 71%.

This leads to greater opportunity in the establishment of appropriate treatment and a greater chance of recovery, which impacts not only on the patient’s health but also on costs associated with their disease.


10. Who issues the second medical opinion?

PRenowned specialists or sub-specialists and staff of affiliated institutions of WorldCare Consortium review medical information and write a written report.



Case management process

The information received is review by our medical coordinator has been appointed to manage the case and who will contact you and/or your doctor to ensure that the required information is complete and of good quality. Once is translated the information, it is encrypted (coded) and transmitted by the medical coordinator assigned to the case to one of the specialized center of our network through a secure system. For this, your case is assigned with a case number and the medical history is entered to a database through a virtual private network, ensuring the confidentiality of information.

When one of the entities in our network receives the information, it assigns one or several specialists, depending on the needs of the case for study and issued its second opinion.

When one of the entities in our network receives the information, it assigns one or several specialists, depending on the needs of the case for study and issued its second opinion.

The attending physician or designee shall remain responsible for diagnosis and treatment. It is his responsibility to assess with the patient, the opinion issued by the specialists of the WorldCare and SEGUNDA OPINION network.

If the concept is very different and/or raises questions to the attending physician, SEGUNDA OPINION S.A.S will coordinate a video teleconference between the physician and the specialist issued a second opinion to discuss the case.



  1. The patient or the treating physician ask for the second opinion service to the entity that joined you to SEGUNDA OPINION S.A.S.
  2. The entity who affiliated you informs the case to SEGUNDA OPINION S.A.S
  3. The medical coordinator in charge of responding to the entity communicates with the patient and inform you about the service and the required documents, if necessary, communicate with the attending physician or designee.
  4. After collecting the necessary documents and information, as appropriate, refer the documents, making use of telemedicine technology to one of our specialists or sub-specialist in the international network.
  5. The specialist or specialists, depending on the complexity of the case, issue its concept which is sent to SEGUNDA OPINION S.A.S
  6. The medical coordinator from SEGUNDA OPINION S.A.S case manager communicates with the patient or the treating physician, reports the results and sends a copy of the second opinion via email or by regular mail.


You can watch videos and read articles of Segunda Opinion in the media



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